Mission Realty Company

Riverside CA

Challen Ave


Church   Pre-School Fellowship Hall
Sanctuary Seating 350 Sick Room 1 Hall Capacity 200
Stories 2 Stories 1 Stories 1
Classrooms 3 Teachers Lounge 1 Commercial Kitchen 1
Crying Room 1 Office 2 Fireplace 1
Office 3 Classrooms 6 Bathrooms 2
Storage Space 2 Bathrooms 6    
Bathrooms 3 Multipurpose Room 1    
    Security Cameras 9    
Square Footage 8,252 Square Footage 9,342 Square Footage 3,104
Year Built 1964 Year Built 2004 Year Buit 1979
Land       Theather  
Parking 83+   Square Footage 242
Land Square Footage 378,101(8.68 ACS)   Year Buit 1971
Zoning R-1      
Conditional Use Permit In Place      


This property is nestled in a residential community with fantastic views, and lush greenery landscape in Riverside County area. The property has three remarkable structures; the church, the fellowship building, and the child development center. The church is a two-story facility. The sanctuary, nursery, and bathrooms are located on the first floor; while the pastors' office and storage room are located on second floor. The church is spacious and can comfortably sit 350 people. Along both sides of church are large windows that allow God's natural sunlight to illuminate the room. The nursery is a soft lit room that is sizeable for a play and rest area. The pastor's office is spacious and oversees the sanctuary; it is also handicap friendly with a stair lift. Outside the church is the Serene Meditation Garden that is ideal for prayful communication with God.

On passage from the church to the fellowship hall is an amazing outside theater that is surrounded with lush greenery. The theater would be great to for holiday plays, summer picnics, and concerts. In the midst of the 8.68 acres is our "Calvary Hill" perfect for Easter Sunrise service.

The Fellowship hall is an immense banquet room centered by the spectacular stone fireplace, which enhances the ambiance of the room. The lovely hall is ideal for weddings, special events, as well as weekly church activities. The hall is equipped with a commercial kitchen.

The pre-school is an idyllic contemporary child development center with varied rooms for the growing stages of a toddler. The institute is state of the art, and is highly secure with 9 cameras on the facility. The structure has a total of 6 rooms, 3 on right wing and 3 more on the left wing separated by offices, a multipurpose room, and the teacher's lounge. The foyer is a welcoming area that is illumined by the natural sunlight from the glass doors. The first room on the right is a model nursery that currently holds 10+ cribs as well as an expansive area for babies to eat, crawl, and play. While the last room on the left is suitable for children between the ages of 5 to 6 years old. Land and views are highly sought after in the in Los Angeles real estate. This property has both; first it sits on 8.63 acres of lush greenery, and seconds it has spectacular views of the nearby mountains. We challenge you to find a property that offers mo picturesque views.