Mission Realty Company

Loma Linda CA

Church Facility/Land - Endless Potential

Off The Market

Sanctuary Seating  800      
Fellowship/Banquet Seating 525      
Youth Center Seating 400      
School Classrooms 16      
Sports Center Y      
Parking 434      
Total Square Footage for all Buildings 83,000  
Total Land Square Footage 351,100  


Eight acres of vacant land with Plan Approval (including CUP) for religious complex of five separate buildings including

  • A church with sanctuary seating for 800.
  • A fellowship/banquet hall for 525.
  • A school with 16 full size classrooms.
  • A sports center with a full sized basketball court, training room, locker rooms, and offices. 
  • A Youth Center with auditorium seating for 400 plus additional rooms for breakout sessions, and a parking lot with 434 spaces. 

Total square footage of the projected building would be 83,000 sft of building. Total square footage of land is 351,100.  Other potential uses could be a convalesce hospital, senior care facility, Bio-Tech/Bio-Science facility, R&D buildings, schools, SFR, and many more potential uses.