Mission Realty Company

Las Vegas NV

East Desert Inn Ave.


Sanctuary Seating  625      
Classrooms 12      
Offices 5      
Nursery 2      
Parking 180      
Conference Rooms 2      
Bathrooms 7      
Playground Yes      
Church Building Square Footage 12,672
School Building Square Footage 4,000
School Building II Square Footage 3,086
TOTAL 19,758
Land 2.86 ACRES  


This property is a very nice and multi-functioning facility with church, a day care center and a school with classes for K-8. The church has been completely remodeled within the last 2 years, increasing the sanctuary seating from 280 to 625. The day care center is divided into age groups and also recently renovated. There are two buildings (one leased next door) and a modular that houses about 200 children from K-8.

The sanctuary is all brand new with state of the art audio and video equipment plus lighting, and very comfortable chairs and a beautiful baptistery. The schoolyard and parking lot have been completely updated and beautifully landscaped. This facility is one of the most modern and attractive church facilities in Las Vegas today.