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Church Community Building
Sanctuary Seating 550   Sanctuary 620
Crying Room 20-25   Fellowship Room 225
Baptistery Yes   Library Yes
Office 1   Kitchen Yes
Bathroom 2   Classroom 10-11
Storage Yes   Conference Room 2
Building Square Footage 8,000 +/-   Silent Prayer Room 1
      Second Room Yes
      Crying Room Yes
      Bathrooms 6
      Offices 3-4
      Building Square Footage 16,000 +/-
Parking 100+      
Play Field 17,200      
Total Land 158,600      


This magnificent religious and community center includes two buildings, a large sports field, and a parking lot. The Community Center is a three story facility with a seating capacity of 550. The church is near the entrance of the grounds towards the east side of the property.

Church: As you walk up the sidewalk, your eyes immediately take in the whole vision of the tall stained glass windows over the welcoming front doors. Entering into the narthex you feel the warmth from the sunlight as it glows through the stained glass windows. Moving into the sanctuary is equally welcoming as the sunlight beams through the prism of the window's design reflecting into both rooms. Once inside the sanctuary, your attention is drawn to another tall stained glass window above the baptistery, it becomes the centerpiece of the room which is designed in a half pie plan so that there is a sense of closeness for both the pastor and the congregation. Off to the right of the pulpit is the choir area and in the back is a large "crying room". Other rooms include office, storage room, changing room for the baptistery, and bathrooms.

Today the church is mainly used by the Youth Group of the congregation.

The Community Center: The north section of the Community Center building has the main sanctuary for 620 people, plus a crying room and a small enclosed room for quiet reflective meditation. In addition to the sanctuary, there is the fellowship room for 255 + people with a library and classroom on one side of the room and the kitchen, pantry and storage rooms on the other side. On the south section of the Center building are two conference rooms, classrooms, several offices, plus bathrooms and storage areas. Out on the grounds, there is a great sports field that can be used for baseball, football, soccer, or any number of outdoor activities. There is another field that would make a wonderful play ground for young children with room left over for a great outdoor basketball court.

Finally we come to the parking with over a 100 places available on the property and possibly another 30-50 on the church lot next door.