Mission Realty Company

Gardena CA

South Vermont Avenue


Sanctuary Seating  175-200      
Classrooms  2      
Offices  2      
Bathrooms 2      
Kitchen 1      
Parking 15      
Building Square Footage 3,431  
Total Land Square Footage 9540  


This "Plain Jane" on the outside is so beautiful and unique on the inside, from the Spanish wooden entrance door to the tile floor of the narthex. Once inside the narthex you will see the wonderful chandeliers with their candlelight bulbs, to the many pictures and decorations that give the room a warm comfortable feeling. At the end of the room is the green tiled stairs leading to the two offices upstairs with their wall flower plants above the classrooms.

Moving from the narthex, through the stained glass doors, we enter into the beautiful, warm intimate sanctuary with soft green rug flooring leading up the presentation center with the pulpit to the right, the choir room to the back and the music instruments to the right, leaving a big area for the pastor's presentation to 175-200 parishioners hearing the Word of the day. The young children have their own classrooms for their studies during the adult service.

After the service, there is room for fellowship in the sanctuary and/or in a portion of the parking lot, where the great brick smoker is giving off its wonderful aroma of the BBQ ribs and steaks, while the rest of the meals are being prepared in the kitchen. There are about 15 parking spaces, with a valet program it could be increased to 25.