Mission Realty Company




Elvita Epping

Marketing Director


Career Highlights:

Mrs. Epping works closely with Mr. Riley in the marketing of each property, site analysis, market research, and updating and managing Mission Realty's website. The website addition of 2009 has brought the company awareness as well as new clientele.

Mrs. Epping is responsible for all aspects of marketing at Mission Realty Company. Those responsibilities include analyzing the value of our client's properties and preparing market analysis reports. Each report consists of Projected Value Range of the property, strengths, weaknesses, suggestions for improvements, and where needed general market conditions and the religious of academic market conditions for a particular area. Also included in the package is a flier which is one of the marketing tools used to present the information of the property to potential buyers.

A typical marketing plan for a property is selecting the churches within a 5-10 mile radius (400 plus regional and national offices) from our data base of 35,000 files and other sources.

Advertising includes fliers mailed directly to the potential buyer; email blast, local and regional MLS services, national advertising sources and regional and local religious and / or academic publications.

Mrs. Epping's responsibilities also include statistics to help prepare the market analysis presentation that she and Mr. Riley make in their direct presentation to their clients and potential clients.


B.S. in Business Marketing from California State University Northridge