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Culver City CA

Culver City School


School Buildings 7      
Modules 4      
Classrooms   12      
Bathrooms 6      
Offices 6      
Grass Playing Field  1      
Courts 4      
Parking 63      
Total Square Footage of the Buildings 14,821  
Total Square Footage of the Modules 6,740  
Total 21,561  
Land Square Footage   156,373 (5.69 ACS)  


Overlooking the city of Los Angeles, this beautiful campus has been educating grammar school children since 1959 and for the last 14 years has been a private educational facility. The campus includes 7 buildings and 4 modules for classroom work and an auditorium/lunch hall. Outside there is a playing for baseball/ soccer and basketball/ volleyball courts with a parking lot for 63 cars. The school is about 10 minutes from the 10 freeway and about 12-15 minutes from the 405 freeway.