Mission Realty Company

Company History

Tom Riley has been a church and school consultant since 1990, helping congregations in California with their real estate needs. Mission Realty began with a client wanting to donate a house to a nonprofit organization. While, "door knocking" at a church the pastor asked Mr. Riley if he would be interested in listing the church for sale. It was from that point that Mission Realty Company became involved in the world of religious and academic real estate. Since that time Mission Realty Company has evolved into one of the leading real estate firms in this highly specialized field. Over the years the company has worked with most beliefs and the denominations within those beliefs. Today, Mission Realty Company assists its clients with their real estate needs in California, Nevada, and Washington, plus acts an advisory position throughout the country. In addition, Mission Realty can help its clients with resources for all activities a church real estate needs: government entitlement, financial, legal, design, and construction concerns. Mission Realty Company and its associates offer a full service organization to its clients and yourself if you have any real estate needs, wants, or concerns.


2013 A Banner Year For Mission Realty Company

It was a banner year both in dollar volume and total transactions. The total dollar volume was $29,785,300 including 1925 Wilshire Blvd, a Cathedral and office building (please goes to Sold Churches and click on 1925 Wilshire for full details).

There were a total of eight transactions in 2013 including four sales/purchases ranging in value from $27,800,000 to $289,000, and four leases ranging in value from $234,000 to $24,200. In addition, our ongoing property management program had properties, with a combined income value $172,800.

As the above information would indicate, we are a full service real estate firm, in the state of California. With our 24 years experience of helping the religious community with their real estate needs, we are well positioned to help you with your needs, whether it be the sale or purchase, leasing or supervising your properties, be it a church, commercial, or residential.

We will be glad to provide you with greater details on our marketing program to help maximize your needs with sensitivity to the needs of those involved in a transaction.


Major Denomination That Mission Realty Company Has Worked With

Baptist Church


Christian Reform Church

Christian Science Church

Church of Christ

Church of God

Church of the Nazarene

Coptic Church

Disciples of Christ Church

Episcopal Church

Foursquare Church

Free Methodist Church




Korean Presbyterian Church

Lutheran Church

New Apostolic Church

Non-denominational Congregations

Presbyterian Church

Religious Science Church

Roman Catholic Church

Romanian Orthodox Church

Seventh Day Adventist Church

Traditional Catholic Church

Unitarian/ Universal Church

Universal Church

United Church of Christ

United Methodist Church